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International Symposium on Quality Coconut Oil for Nutrition & Health         Farmer Producer Organizations should be alert against price fall         Foct training starts from 6th Jan 2014 at Aryancode Federation and Nemom Federation.         For Dwarf seedlings of all varieties contact Mr.Gopalakrishnan (Poovachal) - 9847609229       For Malayan Green Dwarfs. Please contact : 9747888821, 9446748583 

Ananthapuri CPC

Ananthapuri Coconut Producer Company Limited is a dream initiative of the farmers of Trivandrum, the Capital city of Kerala, flanked by the Arabian Sea in the west and the state of Tamil Nadu in the east. Trivandrum, also known as Thiruvananthapuram has been a melting pot of culture and history since times unknown. The Company is incorporated in the year 2013 under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act 1956 as Producer Company in Trivandrum District in Kerala. . The Headquarters of the Company is situated at Balaramapuram.   Read More >>

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Coconut Jaggery

The strained unfermented coconut sap is boiled, crystallized and transferred into suitable moulds to prepare jaggery. The semisolid jaggery solidifies gradually by the cooling effect of the atmosphere into a crystallized hard substance. The recovery of jaggery from syrup is 15%. It is used as a sweetening agent for the preparation of dishes and is superior to cane jaggery.   Order Now >>


Coconut Flower Syrup

This is a product similar to coconut palm jaggery with high content of minerals. It is a rich source of potassium. It has good content of sodium and is free from total fats and cholesterol. It is produced when fresh Neera is heated and concentrated into a syrup.   Order Now >>

Keralites name the coconut tree as “kalpavriksha” which means-a celestial tree which grants all wishes.

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